A Caching HTTP Proxy using Titanium Web Proxy

At my work at Jetabroad I do a lot of integration with third-party webservices (like everyone these days). The webservices, especially the test endpoints, are of variable stability and responsiveness.

The responsiveness issue can be maddening when you're trying to iterate quickly. I prefer doing the bulk of my development via unit tests or integration tests to isolate myself as much as possible. However, I still ultimately find myself developing directly against these third-party services from time to time.

I built Catchy to help solve this pain. When you start it, you provide a whitelist of domains to intercept. Catchy will examine your outbound REST or SOAP continue.

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Splitting Thai words with Browser APIs

One of the difficulties for students learning the Thai language is the lack of spaces between words. For example, here is a simple sentence in Thai:


After some time, students start to recognize the shapes of the words and it becomes effortless to read. Before that time, however, it's quite a struggle!

I found a neat trick yesterday for splitting Thai sentences into words with JavaScript in Chrome. There's no native API for understanding Thai text, but it's possible to piggyback on top of the browser's text selection APIs.

When a word is double-clicked in the browser, the browser will select that word---and continue.

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A Software Developer Learning Thai

I recently uprooted from the USA and moved to Thailand! It's been an incredible experience so far. One of the more fascinating aspects of it has been learning the Thai language. I've created a couple of basic tools to help myself learn. Developing the tools helps me learn new technologies, and the resulting product helps me learn the language!

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Quick Tip: Format Finder for .NET date strings

If you've written C# for any length of time, chances are you've become very familiar with the MSDN documentation pages about Standard Date and Time Format Strings and Custom Date and Time Format Strings. Any time you need to format a DateTime, those pages are invaluable.

I don't find myself reading those pages often enough to warrant memorizing the strings, but I do read them often enough that it's worth automating the lookup. So I wrote a simple webapp to do it.

I plan on skewing those curves by sharing this tool. So, here it is: Format Finder.

Format Finder presents you with continue.

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