Level up your VsVim

If you're like me, you installed Visual Studio, installed VsVim, and then happily started coding. However, did you know that Visual Studio's semantic understanding and manipulation of your code is exposed to VsVim?

For example, you might already know that pressing gd in VsVim will "go to the definition" of a method. But what if we want to "go to the implementation" e.g. through an interface to the underlying concrete method? The standard Ctrl-F12 requires some contortions, and maybe requires glancing down at your keyboard.

It's easy to fix this; just add this mapping to your ~\_vsvimrc:

map gi :vsc Edit.GoToImplementation<CR>

Let's break this continue.

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Vim Presentation

I recently gave a presentation on thinking in vim, which tries to bring people to that "Aha!" moment with Vim. The presentation should be useful to follow, even without the speaking portion. Hope this is useful!

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