.NET Conf Thailand 2019

.NET Conf Thailand 2019 was a huge success, thanks again to Jose Barbosa and Theeranit (Aaron) Pongtongmuang.

I was invited to speak, and I covered the new features in C# 8.0. There are a ton!

  1. Nullable Reference Types
  2. Async Enumerables
  3. Recursive Patterns
  4. Indices and Ranges
  5. Default Interface Members
  6. Static Local Functions
  7. Null Coallescing Assignment
  8. Readonly Members
  9. Using Statements

I have my presentation slides and code available on GitHub.

You can see my talk on the dotnetconf page, however the audio volume is too soft to hear. Oh well! You can get similar content by watching Mads Torgersen’s talk (Part 1) and Bill Wagner’s talk (Part 2).

tagged as dotnet, csharp and presentation