Microsoft Build 2020 – Highlights for .NET Developers

Over the course of the last three days, Microsoft Build 2020 released a flood of news and announcements. For those of us who follow the .NET ecosystem, it can be difficult to wade through them all!

I've collected a list of announcements that I think are interesting as a .NET developer, and added short summaries. The announcements are grouped into four categories: ASP.NET, .NET, Visual Studio and Windows.

In addition, each category is split into "released" (you can use it now!) or "preview / announced" (you can test it out now, or soon).



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.NET Conf Thailand 2019

.NET Conf Thailand 2019 was a huge success, thanks again to Jose Barbosa and Theeranit (Aaron) Pongtongmuang.

I was invited to speak, and I covered the new features in C# 8.0. There are a ton!

  1. Nullable Reference Types
  2. Async Enumerables
  3. Recursive Patterns
  4. Indices and Ranges
  5. Default Interface Members
  6. Static Local Functions
  7. Null Coallescing Assignment
  8. Readonly Members
  9. Using Statements

I have my presentation slides and code available on GitHub.

You can see my talk on the dotnetconf page, however the audio volume is too soft to hear. Oh well! You can get similar content by watching Mads Torgersen's talk (Part 1) and Bill Wagner's talk (Part 2).

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.NET Conf Thailand 2018

I recently spoke at .NET Conf Thailand 2018! Thanks to Jose Barbosa and Theeranit (Aaron) Pongtongmuang for organizing!

I covered what's new in C# 7.0 to 7.3 (performance, performance, performance!), and a sneak preview of what's upcoming in C#8 (non-nullable reference types).

Demo code is available on GitHub and, while recordings are not available, you can see Mads Torgersen cover similar topics on Channel9.

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Vim Presentation

I recently gave a presentation on thinking in vim, which tries to bring people to that "Aha!" moment with Vim. The presentation should be useful to follow, even without the speaking portion. Hope this is useful!

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